BFIC Gold token is one of the very few non-native tokens that has a unique and mass-scale usability. BFIC Gold Network being a product of Innovation Factory and hosted on the BFIC blockchain, it enjoys its acceptance and usability across all the platforms under the organization’s umbrella. Ranging from Web 3, DEX, DAO and Multichain wallet to Crypto Commerce, Gaming and Trading; BGOLD has every usability one can think of.

Active Usabilities

Currently B-Gold is actively usable on 14 platforms as a payment and reward instrument. This makes B-Gold one of the very few cryptocurrencies that launched with pre-developed utilities. The active usability is listed below:

Upcoming Usabilities

As BFIC Ecosystem continues to expand, BGOLD is also subject to an ever increasing utilization. As of 2024, 10 projects are ready to launch and entertain BFIC GOLD as a fundamentally accepted crypto asset. BFIC Gold will be usable on the following upcoming platforms.