BFIC Gold Network App

The BFIC Gold Network app is a simple yet powerful tool that enables users to explore buy, depositing and withdrawing BFIC Gold and BFIC coin assets. In addition to these, the app also acts as a primary host to the BFIC Gold Network dApp through its dApp browser.

Create New Account

Creating an account is super easy with BFIC Gold Network's user friendly app. Simply tap "create" button, save your recovery phase, confirm by re-entering the recovery phrase and that's it! Your new account is all set.


BFIC Gold Network app makes it super easy for you to buy BFIC Gold tokens or BFIC coins. A simple page with the option to choose either one as per your need. Tapping an option will redirect your to the dedicated purchase page.

Deposit / Receive

Want to deposit BFIC coin or BGOLD token to your account? Simply scroll to the "receive" page, select the asset, and copy its wallet address or use the QR code to deposit your funds.

Detailed Home Screen

BFIC Gold Network features an amazing home screen that mimics an informative yet spacious dashboard with all the major controls, stats and info about your account. Scroll through the nav bar, or tap any of the buttons on the home screen to navigate to your desired pages on the BFIC Gold Network app.

Simplified Settings

Easily navigate through the settings and keep your app under your control. The settings tab offers wide accessibility to app features including FAQs, Language, Private key and Guidelines.