Staking Rewards

Dive into the rewarding realm of staking with the BFIC Gold Network. As you actively stake BFIC coins on the BFIC GOLD Network app, you unlock a cascade of benefits and earn 3x of your stakes.

10% Flat Mining Reward

Users who stake BFIC coins on the BFIC Gold Network app can earn flat 10% staking per month. Mine your rewards by staying active and tapping the mining activation button twice, each day to assure you don't miss any reward.

Multiply your assets

Elevate your earnings with the BFIC Gold Network by participating in our lucrative staking rewards program. As you stake BFIC coins, you open the door to a world of continuous rewards, providing you with a 3x multiple.

Re-Stake your earnings

Once you've staked your BFIC coins, you have the opportunity to re-stake after achieving 3x rewards. This allows you to compound your earnings and further enhance your financial growth.

Direct Rewards

Amplify your income streams by inviting direct referrals to join the BFIC Gold Network. With our Direct Rewards program, you receive a specific percentage of the amount staked by your direct referral, creating a win-win scenario for both you and your network.

5% Direct Reward

Enjoy a generous 5% reward on the total amount staked by each of your direct referrals. This direct percentage reflects our commitment to recognizing and rewarding your efforts in expanding the BFIC Gold Network community.

Once for Each Direct Referral

Direct Rewards are designed to incentivize new referrals and support the initial staking journey. To maintain fairness and encourage a diverse network, these rewards are applicable only once for each direct referral.

Instant Credit to Your Wallet

Experience the immediacy of your success with direct rewards. As soon as your direct referral stakes their BFIC coins, your wallet is instantly credited with the corresponding 5% reward. This swift process ensures that you can enjoy the fruits of your network's growth in real-time.

Encourage Your Network

Share the benefits of staking within the BFIC Gold Network with your direct referrals, and watch as your network flourishes. The more they stake, the more you earn in direct rewards, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial ecosystem within your team.

PoS Rewards

As a participant in the BFIC Gold Network, your impact extends beyond your direct referrals. With our POS (Power of Sharing) Rewards, you’re rewarded for the growth of your levels, creating a collaborative and mutually beneficial network. Tailor your strategy with a level-based rewards structure that reflects the depth and reach of your network. Earn rewards based on the levels within your tree:

Team Level Reward Percentage
5 - 10

Incentivize Collaborative Growth:

POS Rewards are designed to foster collaboration and shared success. As more people attach to your team levels, your rewards multiply, creating a dynamic ecosystem where collective growth is celebrated.

Unleash the Potential of Your Network:

Encourage your network to expand and attach more participants to their team levels. The more individuals join, the more you benefit from POS Rewards. This approach maximizes the potential for shared success and ensures that everyone in the BFIC Gold Network has the opportunity to thrive.

Long-Term Success

POS Rewards are not a one-time bonus; they are continuous incentives for long-term success. As your team levels evolve, so does your earning potential, providing you with ongoing rewards as your network flourishes.

Promote Collaboration and Shared Prosperity

Embrace the spirit of collaboration within the BFIC Gold Network. POS Rewards create an environment where participants are not only staking for individual gain but also contributing to the collective success of the entire community.

Binary Rewards

Dive into the world of collaborative success with Binary Rewards within the BFIC Gold Network. This rewarding system operates on a binary tree format, emphasizing the power of teamwork and shared prosperity.

1:1 Binary Ratio

Binary Rewards follow a 1:1 binary ratio, meaning for every referral placed under you in the binary tree, there's a corresponding counterpart. This balanced approach ensures fair and equitable distribution of rewards as your network expands.

Reward Percentage

Enjoy a robust 8% reward based on the lesser amount staked within your binary tree. This percentage reflects our commitment to recognizing and rewarding the growth of your network, with a focus on the collaborative efforts of each participant.

Power of Your Binary Tree

As participants join your binary tree, you not only expand your network but also unlock the potential for increased Binary Rewards. The more referrals you have, the more significant is the impact on your earnings.

Encourage Balanced Growth

The 1:1 binary ratio encourages balanced growth within your network. This approach ensures that as you bring in new referrals, they contribute to the growth of both sides of your binary tree, creating a sustainable and harmonious structure.

Streaming Rewards

Step into the spotlight, go live, and let the BFIC Gold Network community reward you for your valuable content. With Stream Rewards powered by Jokerz, your live streams become not just a source of information but also a thriving space for engagement, appreciation, and income.

Connect, Engage, Earn

Dive into the exciting world of live streaming within the BFIC Gold Network. Share your insights, updates, and knowledge with your teams, creating a dynamic and engaging community. The more you share, the more you earn with Stream Rewards.

Valuable Gifts from Your Audience

Your audience is your community, and they appreciate your contributions. With Stream Rewards, your viewers have the opportunity to express their gratitude by gifting you valuable gifts. The more engaging and informative your stream, the more you'll be rewarded by your appreciative audience.

Monetize Your Knowledge and Insights

Turn your knowledge and insights into a source of income. With Stream Rewards, your live streams become a platform for not only sharing valuable information but also monetizing your expertise through the generosity of your audience.

Foster a Vibrant Community

Through live streaming and Stream Rewards, foster a vibrant and supportive community within the BFIC Gold Network. Encourage your audience to actively participate, ask questions, and contribute to the dynamic exchange of ideas.