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Hot & High!
BFIC Gold Network

Team BFIC Gold Network with Mr. Omar Khan OK announced the pre-launch event for BFIC Gold Network on a hot air balloon ride over the deserts of Dubai.

They expressed their excitement, devotion and dedication towards the magnificent hybrid platform.

BFIC Gold Network Grand Pre-Launch

BFIC Gold Network’s grand pre-launch event at Armani Ballroom, Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The event hosted 400+ guests from around the world, including guests of honor:

Mr. Sanjay Dutt (Bollywood Superstar & Brand Ambassador of Innovation Factory)

Mr. Wasim Akram (Swing of Sultan, Cricket Legen & Brand Ambassador of Innovation Factory)

The man of the night, Mr. Omar Khan (OK)

All eyes were on Mr. Omar Khan OK, as he made a dynamic entry to the pre-launch event.

The founder of Innovation Factory, Mr. Omar Khan arrived in a Limousine along with a branded fleet of exotic cars. His charismatic personality left everyone in an awe. The crows could not wait to shake his hand and capture a memorable selfie with him.

Welcoming Mr. Sanjay Dutt

The legendary superstar of bollywood, Innovation Factory’s brand ambassador and Mr. Omar Khan’s close friend, Mr. Sanjay Dutt blessed the event with his charming presence.

He shared the stage with Mr. Omar Khan and Mr. Wasim Akram for the launch event and expressed his love, appreciation and support for Mr. Omar Khan and Innovation Factory.

Welcoming Mr. Wasim Akram

The cricket legend known as “Sultan of swing” and OK’s dear friend, Mr. Wasim Akram made his special appearance at BFIC Gold Network’s prelaunch event as Innovation Factory’s brand ambassador.

Mr. Wasim Akram, along with Mr. Omar Khan, awarded gold medals to the B-Love Kandy champions. He expressed a massive appreciation for Mr. Omar’s vision and innovative ideas.

An eventful evening

BFIC Gold’s pre-launch turned out to be one of the most eventful and exciting events in the industry.

With a super hyped audience and engaging activities, the BFIC Gold pre-launch was a night full of excitement, devotion & networking with a vibrant ambiance.

The audience was engaged through an interesting round of quiz, where the correct answers were rewarding with special gift hampers from Innovation Factory.

A Night full of Entertainment

BFIC Gold’s pre-launch event was loaded with spectacular dances and entertainment shows. 

Violinists, LED Dancers, Roller Skate Dancer, Saxophone player and strolling ladies with decorative appearance became the center of attention at the event.