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Developed by Innovation Factory, BFIC Gold comes with a great vision and specific goals. With its ancestor, BFIC coin already making a name for itself in the crypto space, BGOLD is not just an extension of the native currency but will act as a key player in supporting the versatile ecosystem of Blockchain Foundation for Innovation & Collaboration. BFIC Gold will purely act as a supporting asset for building utility, community and wide scale adaption of BFIC coin.

  • 1 Symbol: BGOLD
  • 2 Initial Value : $2.50
  • 3 Network : BFIC Blockchain

Stake & Earn
with BFIC Gold Network

Download the BFIC Gold Network app and enjoy earning rewards on your BGOLD token stakes. The platform is the first of its kind, that offers 10 unique ways to earn rewards, and is completely decentralized for fast and automated functions. Diversify your income streams and maximize your potential with the BFIC Gold Network. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced participant, there's a rewarding path for everyone in this decentralized ecosystem.

Only Platform to Offer
Unique New Rewards

Streaming Rewards

Stream live and motive your team to earn rewards.


Jackpot Rewards

Instant 3X income when a high stakes users joins your binary tree.


Ranking Rewards

Add new trending and rare artwork to your collection.


Global Binary Rewards

Add new trending and rare artwork to your collection.

signup rewards 2

Signup and Get

Your initiation into our decentralized ultra hybrid combo comes with instant benefits. Unwrap the gift of opportunity as you receive 1 FREE BGOLD Token upon successfully creating your account on the BFIC GOLD NETWORK application. This initial reward is our way of expressing gratitude for choosing to be a part of our thriving community.

Decentralized Icon

Deployed on
BFIC Blockchain

The BFIC Gold token is deployed on BFIC Blockchain, a Proof-of-Distribution consensus protocol that has successful completed over 16 million transactions till date. The Proof of Distribution consensus enables the blockchain to feed more scalability and lightning fast transaction speeds for artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and metaverse projects while rewarding users adequately based on their contribution to the network.

Rewards Distributed

  • $1 Million
  • $10 Million
  • $50 Million

Our top Partner

Exchange Listings

Our Roadmap

January 2024

App Launch

BFIC Gold Network app will be rolled out across android and apple platforms.

January 2024

Launch Event

A grand launch event for BFIC Gold Network in Dubai with core leaders and ambassadors.

End of 2024

1,000 Collabs

The team plans to land 1,000 collaborations with platforms, exchanges and utilities.

December 2025

5,000 Collabs

BFIC Gold Network and token will be accepted at over 5,000 platforms by the end of 2025.

December 2026

200M Users

By the end of 2026, BFIC Gold Network will achieve a global user base of 200 million.

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the App Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

BFIC Gold Network is a decentralized platform that allows its users to stake BGOLD tokens and earn 3x income on each staking. The platform is a decentralized app that operates through smart contracts.

Earning with BFIC Gold Network is very easy. Simply download the app or open the dApp through you wallet, purchse BGOLD tokens, stake them on the app and start earning. To boost you income, you may also invite members to join your team and earn higher rewards as they stake.

There are 10 ways to generate income on BFIC Gold Network. Users can generate 3x income which may flow from any of the 10 income streams. These include:

1. Signup Rewards
2. Staking Rewards
3. PoS Rewards
4. PoW Rewards
5. Binary Rewards
6. Binary Global Rewards
7. Direct Rewards
8. Jackpot Rewards
9. Ranking Rewards
10. Streaming Rewards

BFIC Gold Network is a decentralized platform which operates through smart contracts. This is an automated system, and your earnings are credited to your wallet instantly.

BFIC Gold Network Grand Pre-Launch

BFIC Gold Network’s grand pre-launch event at Armani Ballroom, Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The event hosted 400+ guests from around the world, including guests of honor:

Mr. Sanjay Dutt (Bollywood Superstar & Brand Ambassador of Innovation Factory)

Mr. Wasim Akram (Swing of Sultan, Cricket Legen & Brand Ambassador of Innovation Factory)