BFIC Gold Network DApp

While the BFIC Gold Network smartphone app acts as the fundamental tool for accessing BFIC Gold Network, the dApp however is the complete thing. All the staking, team building and other major features are hosted on the dApp, and can be explored through the smartphone app’s dapp browser.

Dual Mining (Day/Night)

For the very first time in the history, BFIC Gold Network stands tall and proud for introducing the Dual Mining feature. Users can actively mine BFIC coins twice in 24 hours. The Day Mining and Night Mining features both last for 12 hours each.

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Detailed Stats

Always stay updated about your earnings and numbers on the BFIC Gold Network dApp. Head to the stats portal and easily access your rewards, withdrawals and staking statistics in detail. This well structure stats panel allows you to manage your performance with convenience and efficiency.

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Explore Teams

With such an extensive team structure in the BFIC Gold Network platform, browsing through different team structures is not that complex. You can easily navigate through team levels, binary teams and direct team members using the user-friendly teams portal.

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Exceptional Support

The BFIC Gold Network dApp offers an entire Support module. Users can avail support through live chat & live call with the support team. Although some support features are premium, yet basic users can still file support tickets through the support dashboard.